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xxxxxFlashpoint changed everything. Realities were created, merged, and destroyed. Hoping to put it all right again The Flash tried to restore reality to what it once was. He failed. Things were similar but not the same. Familiar heroes and villains were returned but in newer, younger, incarnations. Histories and relationships were changed but it didn't stop there. Ripples of the Flashpoint would continue to be felt throughout this new universe. People would be reborn manifesting as versions of themselves ripped from other realities and timelines. Welcome to DC Rebirth MUX where anything is possible.

xxxxxDC Rebirth is a game based on DC Comics using the New 52 timeline as our base. From there we add the potential for Elseworlds characters pulled in from their native realities into this one. Our goal is to create an easily accessible game with a continuity to build upon (New 52) that also allows for players to play whatever version of a character they want. It's a game where realities collide, where familiar heroes are often replaced with strange and unusual versions of their classic selves.

xxxxxWe offer a streamlined character generation system using the DC Heroes RPG as our backbone and the Comic Vine website as a means of minimizing tedious data entry for character backstories. We offer a number of "mega" grids (Metropolis, NYC, and Gotham) and a number of minor grids (Oa, Themyscira, Atlantis), as well as the option to add RP spots on the fly. While we offer a +dice system for conflict resolution we also allow and encourage consent based RP using your +sheets as a guide for your character's abilities and limits.

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