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xxxxxWhile players are free to create their own teams there are three that are tied heavily to the game itself; the Justice League, Young Justice, and the Legion of Doom. We set these teams up as a means of providing immediate and ongoing RP for characters.

xxxxxNote that this is a departure from the New 52 and is implemented on the game as a way to facilitate RP as quickly as possible.

The Justice League

xxxxxThe Justice League started out as an exclusive group of heroes who banded together to stop threats that none of them could stop on their own. Introduction into the League was rare and they were considered fairly elitist. Since then they have changed their mindset to become a bit. The League is now a place where heroes can share interact with other like minded(and not so like minded) heroes.

xxxxxHeadquarters: After being blindsided by Brainiac the Justice League decided they needed a headquarters more suitable to global deployment. And so the Watchtower was constructed. Equipped with incredibly advanced technology the Watchtower represents the pinnacle of human engineering. Though the League maintains it was constructed without the use of any scavenged Brainiac tech there are those who claim the Watchtower would simply not be possible otherwise.

xxxxx• Membership in the League is open to anyone looking to make a difference. They have civilian contractors as well as meta-human operatives.
xxxxx• No hero is forced to share their secret ID with other members of the League.
xxxxx• It is expected that when one hero in the League is in need others will come to their aid.
xxxxx• While the League is open to nearly anyone in terms of membership it is governed by the Council of Justice, which consists of 5-7 heroes from the League chosen to act in a leadership capacity.

Young Justice

xxxxxYoung Justice is a sub-group within the Justice League proper. It consists mostly of younger, less experienced heroes. This group was formed to give these young heroes a protected training environment in an attempt to avoid the tragedy that befell the Titans in their fight against Brainiac.

xxxxxHeadquarters: The original headquarters of the Justice League has been handed over to Young Justice. Located in Happy Harbor Rhode Island the Sanctuary has everything a team of young super-heroes could need, including a link to the Watchtower mainframe and a private teleportation system.

xxxxx• Young Justice has access to the Watchtower but also has an Earth based HQ to call their own.
xxxxx• Young Justice is assigned an adult trainer and overseer to help with their training and oversee their missions.

The Legion of Doom

xxxxxThe Legion of Doom was created in response to the Justice League. Knowing they could not stand individually against a united superhero front several villains banded together to create their own mega-team.

xxxxxHeadquarters: A former warship left over from the Brainiac invasion the current Hall of Doom has been rebuilt and retrofitted with terrestrial technology. Being both mobile and nearly undetectable by human means the Hall of Doom provides a safe and secure place for the Legion of Doom to plot and scheme. Unfortunately much of the Hall remains alien and unknown to even Luthor himself.

xxxxx• Like the Justice League the Legion is governed by a council of villains.
xxxxx• The Legion is based in the Hall of Doom, a mobile base of operations.
xxxxx• Membership is open to anyone who opposes the Justice League.