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xxxxxDC Rebirth MUX is an adult themed comic book game set in the DC Comics Universe. What does that all mean? We'll break it down below so you'll know exactly what our game is about.

Comic Book

xxxxxClearly this is the biggest aspect of your theme. We're a game about comic book characters and that shapes our IC universe in a number of way. First it means that the world is filled with individuals with fantastic powers and abilities far beyond those of even the coolest action movie star. This is a world where some characters could knock a building down with a punch or run fast enough to travel through time. This is a world where Atlantis is real, the Amazon's live on the mystic island of Themyscira, and gods actually exist. It also means we're a game of epic action. Again events that transpire around our characters will be larger than life with the fates of millions often hinging on the outcome, where fights could destroy entire city blocks, and conflicts may end hundreds of miles from where they began.

Mainstream Characters (MSCs)

xxxxxMainstream Characters are those characters that have been "featured" in the comics. Superman, Batman, Joker, Sinestro, Etc. and so on. They come with backstories and expected styles of RP (Clark Kent will always be an alien raised by the Kents in Smallville for instance). For our purposes the mainstream universe is a mirror of the New 52 universe. This allows us to use character backgrounds as presented on the Comic Vine website. It also gives us a solid base to build upon and allows us to streamline character generation quite a bit. The New 52 characters are, more or less, iconic in their incarnations. Finally, they allow for a quick and easy entry on the game.

Elseworlds Characters (EWCs)

xxxxxElseworlds Characters represent the infinite number of possible characters that exist outside of the New 52. Want to play a more pre-Flashpoint version of a character? App it as an EWC. The big difference between a MSC and an EWC is that you will need to provide more background information for your EWC and you may not be able to rely on the pre-made characters that can be found for the DC Heroes RPG. These characters are also forcibly removed from their native reality and plopped into this one. They will need to find a way to fit in and make this reality their new home.

Original Characters (OCs)

xxxxxOriginal Characters are those created by the players themselves. Unlike FCs we have no expectations for how OCs are played (they are your creation after all).

OC Green Lanterns

xxxxxWe have no problem with OC Green Lanterns. We even offer an Oa grid and can expand our galactic RP rooms as needed. We even offer a "+gl ring" command in character generation to help set up your power ring.